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Technical Info for Cinematography Classes

GH5 Tutorial

Arri SRII Tutorials 



I have a major issue with this otherwise good video on loading. Ask me what it is and I'll tell you.

RED Komodo main webpage (click here)

Excellent video explaining why and when we use a reflective meter vs an incident meter.
Start at :53

Nanlite Mixpanel 150 

Zoom H6 Recorder

This phenomenon never fails to blow my mind.

Lens Test Example

Bit Depth Basics Explained

What distorts your face? 

ARRI Signature Primes – Focal Length Demo

Lens Compression Doesn't Exist - Here's Why

(perspective distortion)

ARRI Signature Primes – Perspective Demo

ARRI Signature Primes – Focus and Bokeh Demo

Lighting with Book Light + examples of tests (and how to share them.) 

ARRI Signature Primes – Perspective Demo

Does sensor size matter?

Example of a Kodak Vision 3 500T test

Cleaning up your shadows when shooting dark scenes.

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