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Tools & Expendables

Having the right tools and expendables on hand is critical for the camera crew. Expendables (such as camera tape, canned air, etc.) are provided by the production company or reimbursed—don’t provide them free. A typical camera assistant’s kit includes:

Carpenter’s metal measuring tape.
• Soft measuring tape.
• Multitool.
• Laser rangefinder.
• Sync slate.
• Insert slate.
• Phillips and flathead screwdrivers.
• Metric and imperial hex/Allen wrenches.
• Pliers.
• Flashlight (torch).
• Work gloves.
• Velcro.
• Cable ties.
• Laser pointer.
• T-markers or mini-sandbag for actor’s marks.
• Small clamps.
• BNC adapters.
•Space blanket for camera cover.
• Assorted spare cables.
• First aid kit.
• Film negative or digital camera reports.
• Spare 35mm/16mm 1000ft/400ft cans, bags, and cores (obviously only for film shoots).
• Film changing bag for film shoots.
Expendables are ordered by the First AC and supplied by the production company. They include:
• Canned air.
• Lens cleaning fluid (such as Pancro Lens Cleaner) and tissues.
• Sharpies & pens.
• Erasable slate markers.
• Eyepiece covers.
• Assortment of different colors of 1” camera tape.
• Assortment of different colors of 1” paper tape for actor’s marks and focus marks. Also 2” paper tape.
• 2” white gaffer tape.
• 2” black gaffer tape.
• Chalk.
• Batteries for all equipment you will be dealing with. (Not the rechargeable batteries from the rental house.)
• Light rope/trickline and bungee cords.
• Plastic bags.
• WD-40.

Ultimate Guide to a Camera Assistant’s Toolkit

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